Onward Robotics

Back in 2021, Onward Robotics saw a massive opportunity to put its decades of robotics experience and unique technology toward solving a real market pain point: helping warehouses and e-commerce fulfillment centers get orders out the door quickly, efficiently and accurately.
Known as IAM Robotics at the time, the team recognized that current industry approaches weren’t utilizing both the human and the robot to their full potential. The company went into stealth mode, pivoted and less than two years later, launched its innovative new Meet MeTM solution, which coordinates humans and robots as a cohesive system.
While in stealth mode, we partnered with the team at Onward Robotics to craft a new logo, brand identity system and website to support the company’s growth and evolution. The new logo features an “O” for Onward, and symbolizes forward movement, upward trajectory, forging new pathways and breaking through barriers with innovative technology.
The new visual identity system includes a vibrant color palette that is lighter, brighter, more approachable, and human. We also developed a series of lines and shapes meant to visualize the humans and robots coming together utilizing the Meet Me solution, which play a major role in the new website design as well.
Onward Robotics has experienced high market demand since emerging from stealth mode with the launch of its new PyxisTM technology platform and LumabotTM person-to-goods autonomous mobile robots. The company’s Meet Me solution enables warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing operations to increase productivity, mitigate operational risk, and scale without adding headcount.
“This transition has been an exciting and transformational process for us,” said CEO Lance VandenBrook. “Onward Robotics better reflects the organization’s strong forward trajectory, our bold and purposeful team, and most importantly, our commitment to moving our clients and the global supply chain forward.”


Brand Identity, Digital Design