Pégoud Watches

The Pégoud watch collection celebrates the story of French aviator and WWI Pilot Adolphe Célestin Pégoud. Given the nickname King of the Sky, Pégoud was a figure symbolizing fearlessness, charming gusto and adventure. An idol in an era of bravery, the Pégoud collection showcases a timeless, intricate style and the story of a daring hero.
We were tasked to create a brand expansion system that could be applied to limited edition timepieces, packaging, and digital and e-Commerce platforms.
The brand system took great inspiration from early 1900s French graphics and typography. A typographic pattern alludes to wheat-pasted advertisements that were popular throughout the era to share aviation events and goods. Hand-drawn illustrations mimic the classic copperplate etchings found throughout newspapers sharing the stories of aviation feats and adventures. A regal icon nods to Pégoud's king status while a looping infinity symbol gives credit to the infamous loop he pioneered in the sky.
The system comes together with beautiful timelessness to celebrate the heritage and pride behind pilot culture.
Brand Identity, Packaging